History of Yellow House

The name "Yellow House Canyon" comes from the Spanish phrase "Casas Amarillas", meaning Yellow Houses. Early Spanish explorers of the area thought that a rock formation appeared to be a row of yellow houses from a distance and the name persisted. The canyon is nearly 20 miles long, stretching from Mackenzie Park, through the east side of Lubbock, and ending about 6 miles east of Slaton. The canyon has a rich history, including a brief skirmish in 1877 between a few Comanche warriors and a small group of buffalo hunters. The canyon is also home to Yellow House Ranch, established in 1901, by George Washington Littlefield. Littlefield was the namesake and founder of the city of Littlefield, and ran an extremely successful cattle operation at the Ranch until the 1920's. Present day Yellow House Ranch is a private facility, specializing in horse boarding and foaling. Yellow House Canyon is a beautiful, often overlooked, gem in our area. We encourage you to visit the canyon and experience our incredible local landmark for yourself!

You can learn more about the Canyon here and learn about the Battle of Yellow House Canyon here.

Yellow House Canyon near Lubbock


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